Canelo Avarez vs Callum Smith live stream and Predictions


The year 2020 bidding a farewell to the boxing fans by staging a series of superheroes fights, as Iron Mike returned to the ring after 14 years, then World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua yet to fight Pulev on 12-12-2020. Speaking about the year’s last heroic fight, the four division World Champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez will be facing indisputable Callum Smith on December 19, 2020.

How to watch Alvarez vs Smith live stream all over the world?

Dazn picked the complete rights to stream the match of Canelo vs Smith.

Dazn extended its services to nearly 200 countries in the beginning of this December. Along with the Dazn’s regular streaming countries like Brazil, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, US and Japan, the service will move to UK, Australia and many countries worldwide with the Alvarez vs Smith.

You need to sign up to DAZN, a global live sports streaming platform to avail the match. It can be accessed in many browsers and streams via Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Playstation 3 and 4, IOS and Android.

Only Mexico is the exception, and will stream the match on TV Azteca.

Canelo vs Smith Venue, Time and Date

Event: Saul Alvarez vs Callum Smith

Venue: Texas, United States.

Date: 20-12-2020

Time: 10:30 PM ET or 3:30 AM BST

Canelo Avarez vs Callum Smith

Canelo is the Mexican Professional Boxer who holds world titles in 4 categories namely Middleweight, Light Middleweight, Super Middleweight and Light heavyweight. He has the undisputed boxing records, has played 56 matches in which 53 are hit, 2 are draw and 1 is a loss.

His last fight was for the WBO Light Heavyweight title against Sergey Kovalev on November 2, 2019. We can call this a comeback fight of the legend after a year. The never-defeat history of the Canelo fights was altered little on September 14, 2013, when Floyd Mayweather defeated Canelo through Majority Decision. Mayweather became a tough competitor for him inside the ring that day.

Being unbeatable for years is not just called with the name of victories, it is the history made by Canelo which shows his fondness for boxing. In the beginning, he started his career in the Welterweight category but he did not hold any word title in it, that’s why he is a four division Champion. His first world title was the WBC Light Middleweight Champion against Matthew Hatton and it was a unanimous decision victory for Canelo.

As the all-rounder in five categories, his Knockouts are also so impressive. After conquering the World title, his Knockouts of Alphonso Gomez and Ryon Rhodes are like a beast hunting its prey. The rocking style of canelo’s knockout is like effortless, doing simply without the hard rage.

Winning Miguel Cotto through unanimous decision paved the way for him to the vacant The Ring and the WBC Middleweight titles. The imminent next fight is for the WBO title in the Light Middleweight category against Liam Smith in the same year. This is the stunning Knockout win and shows the ability of Canelo to switching his weight category painlessly

Choosing a balanced opponent for Canelo is a tough task, Callum Smith, the WBA (super) Super Middleweight Champion with 0 loss history will be the ring opponent of Canelo on the 19th of this December. Mundo with an excellent record of 27-0 is the Champion of the category Super Middleweight. His Professional record comprises 27 wins with 19 by the way of Knockouts and 8 through Decision.

Facing the legend will act as a good exposure for the Brit but winning is a big mystery. But we cannot think of Smith in an easy way, as a Champion, he has retained for 2 years. The last fight was with John Ryder and that was an astonishing win for Mundo by the unanimous decision.

Distorting George Groves by 7th round Knockout lifted Smith one step up to the WBA Super Middleweight title. Smith just smashed George with the wonderful strikes, George just tried to defend him and failed in the 7th round with the Knockout punches from the Liverpool icon.

He cannot be called the Knockout Legend just for the namesake, he made 9 Knockouts out of his 19 Knockout wins in the first round itself. He is the magisterial person who made such a number of quick Knockouts. The Knockout of Hadillah Mohoumadi and Rocky Fielding is the most remarkable recent Knockouts.

Canelo Alvarez vs Callum Smith Predictions

Canelo’s 53-2-1 record and Smith’s 27-0 record are the exceptional ones and it is very difficult to quickly pick one of them. There are lots to discuss before giving a quick prediction. Both the men are in the same age but Canelo is 7 years senior to Britain.

The Brit is fighting in the same Super Middleweight category from the date of entering the ring. But Canelo is the unified fighter who has fought in 5 divisions. For fighting smith, he has cut his weight of 175 pounds which he attained to fight Sergey Kovalev last November to 168 pounds. But before fighting Kovalev, he has fought in Middleweight with Daniel Jacobs.

As an experienced Champion in the 168 pounds category, Smith considering this as a crucial fight of his career. He showed his confidence by saying “Canelo may be a champion in 175 but not in 168”. Canelo managed to cut his weight to 175 pounds to conquer the world title in this category also.

Canelo has deadly body shots that make the opponent tired and allow Canelo to make headshots. He is also excellent in defending with the wonderful body movements and style to counter the foe. The Mexican hero with the great boxing record is looking for the world Champion titles in all the categories he is able to fight.

Smith may be considered as overqualified for this category with 6 ft 3 inches height and 198 cm reach. The things will act as a great advantage for the smith while considering Canelo with 5 ft 9 inches of height and 70.5 inches of reach. Smith remains Champion in this category as he is having the wonderful ability to dominate the opponent inside the ring.



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