F1 Champions List: All Winners From 1950 to Present


The Driver’s Championship of Formula 1, the world’s most popular Motorsports, is always filled with competition and drama. Even though the F1 is being held for nearly 80 years, only 33 drivers have managed to win the prestigious Drivers Championship title.

The first person to win the F1 Championship title was Giuseppe Farina in 1950. Apart from the first championship win, the first driver to win multiple Championships in 1952 and 1953 was Alberto Ascari. The reigning Drivers’ Champion is Lewis Hamilton who won his 5th title in 2018.

The winner of the season is officially announced only at the end of the season even if the driver wins the season half the way, based on the points. The driver who clinched the title at the earliest in a season was Michael Schumacher in 2002. He won the title with six races remaining.

Giuseppe Farina won the first ever F1 Driver’s Championship in 1950 (IMG: formula1.com)

Who has won the most Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship?

The record for the most titles won at the Formula 1 is held by the German driver Michael Schumacher, who has won the title on 7 different occasions. He also holds the record for the most consecutive Drivers’ Championships wins, having won from 2000 to 2004 (5 straight wins).

The country to have received the most Championship is the United Kingdom with 10 titles, whereas Brazil, Germany, and Finland are next with 3 each. Speaking of the teams, Scuderia Ferrari has produced the most winning drivers with 15.

List of all Formula 1 Champions

We have listed the winners of F1 right from its inception in 1950. Juan Manuel Fangio was the initial driver to have won the back-to-back championship 4 times from 1954 to 1957.

1950Giuseppe FarinaITAAlfa Romeo33
1951Juan Manuel FangioARGAlfa Romeo36
1952Alberto AscariITAFerrari612
1953Alberto AscariITAFerrari56.5
1954Juan Manuel FangioARGITA Maserati616.86
1955Juan Manuel FangioARGMercedes416.5
1956Juan Manuel FangioARGFerrari33
1957Juan Manuel FangioARGITA Maserati415
1958Mike HawthornGBRFerrari11
1959Jack BrabhamAUSCooper24
1960Jack BrabhamAUSCooper59
1961Phil HillUSAFerrari21
1962Graham HillGBRBRM412
1963Jim ClarkGBRLotus721
1964John SurteesGBRFerrari21
1965Jim ClarkGBRLotus614
1966Jack BrabhamAUSBrabham414
1967Denny HulmeNZLBrabham25
1968Graham HillGBRLotus312
1969Jackie StewartGBRMatra626
1970Jochen RindtAUTLotus55
1971Jackie StewartGBRTyrrell629
1972Emerson FittipaldiBRALotus516
1973Jackie StewartGBRTyrrell516
1974Emerson FittipaldiBRAMcLaren33
1975Niki LaudaAUTFerrari519.5
1976James HuntGBRMcLaren61
1977Niki LaudaAUTFerrari317
1978Mario AndrettiUSALotus613
1979Jody ScheckterRSAFerrari34
1980Alan JonesAUSWilliams513
1981Nelson PiquetBRABrabham31
1982Keke RosbergFINWilliams15
1983Nelson PiquetBRABrabham32
1984Niki LaudaAUTMcLaren50.5
1985Alain ProstFRAMcLaren520
1986Alain ProstFRAMcLaren42
1987Nelson PiquetBRAWilliams312
1988Ayrton SennaBRAMcLaren83
1989Alain ProstFRAMcLaren416
1990Ayrton SennaBRAMcLaren67
1991Ayrton SennaBRAMcLaren724
1992Nigel MansellGBRWilliams952
1993Alain ProstFRAWilliams726
1994Michael SchumacherGERBenetton81
1995Michael SchumacherGERBenetton933
1996Damon HillGBRWilliams819
1997Jacques VilleneuveCANWilliams739
1998Mika HäkkinenFINMcLaren814
1999Mika HäkkinenFINMcLaren52
2000Michael SchumacherGERFerrari919
2001Michael SchumacherGERFerrari958
2002Michael SchumacherGERFerrari1167
2003Michael SchumacherGERFerrari62
2004Michael SchumacherGERFerrari1334
2005Fernando AlonsoSPNRenault721
2006Fernando AlonsoSPNRenault713
2007Kimi RäikkönenFINFerrari61
2008Lewis HamiltonGBRMcLaren51
2009Jenson ButtonGBRBrawn611
2010Sebastian VettelGERRed Bull54
2011Sebastian VettelGERRed Bull11122
2012Sebastian VettelGERRed Bull53
2013Sebastian VettelGERRed Bull13155
2014Lewis HamiltonGBRMercedes1167
2015Lewis HamiltonGBRMercedes1059
2016Nico RosbergGERMercedes95
2017Lewis HamiltonGBRMercedes946
2018Lewis HamiltonGBRMercedes1188


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