20 Fastest Knockouts in UFC History (Infographic)


Knockouts are always a great way to finish the fight. It’s been 25 years since the first UFC event (UFC 1 was held in 1993) and throughout this period several fighters have used Knockouts to finish the fight at lightning speed.

Peoples don’t like when the fight they paid to watch end in a few seconds. But it is always exciting to rewatch the same fight after some time. So I have prepared the list of 20 Fastest knockouts in UFC history.

20.Anthony Perosh – 14 Seconds at UFC 163

Opponent: Vinny Magalhaes
Year: 2013

At UFC 163, former UFC fighter Anthony Perosh finished of his Brazilian opponent Vinny Magalhaes in 14 seconds.

Earlier, Perosh took down Magalhaes and pound him with series of punches. After nearly a dozen punches referee Steve Mazagatti intervened to stop the fight.

It should be noted that Perosh came to this fight after an embarrassing 7 seconds defeat against Ryan Jimmo at UFC 149. He competed in four more fights before retiring in 2016.

19.Anthony Hamilton – 14 Seconds at UFC 201

Opponent: Damian Grabowski
Year: 2016

American MMA fighter Anthony Hamilton is the next person in our fastest UFC knockouts list. It took Hamilton only 14 seconds to take down his Polish opponent Damian Grabowski in a heavyweight bout at UFC 201.

The fight took place at UFC 201 preliminary card. Hamilton connected right away and landed Grabowski with a series of punches. At one point Grabowski lost his balance and Hamilton delivered more punches against the cage.

After this fight, Hamilton lost his next four fights in UFC including a 24 seconds loss to Daniel Spitz at UFC Fight Night 116. While Grabowski was released by the promotion in 2017.

18.Terry Martin – 14 Seconds at UFC 67

Opponent: Jorge Rivera
Year: 2007

In another 14 seconds finish American MMA fighter Terry Martin knocked out Jorge Rivera at UFC 67.
Martin won the ‘Knockout of the Night’ Bonus award for this fight. The UFC 67 was held in 2007 and it also featured another quick knockout in which Roger Huerta finished of John Halverson in 18 seconds.

Shortly after this bout, Martin was released from the UFC. He started to compete in other MMA promotions like Strikeforce and in his last 10 fight he won 5 and lost 5.

17.Conor McGregor – 13 Seconds at UFC 194

Opponent: José Aldo
Year: 2015

It was 2015 when Conor McGregor shocked the entire world by defeating UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo in 13 seconds. At that time Aldo was undefeated for 10 years. And, a single notorious punch was all it took for McGregor to beat him.

During the fight, McGregor landed a left hook when Aldo attempting a right-left punch combination. The punch rendered Aldo unconscious and he fell to the ground. Till this day, it has been the fastest knockout in a title bout. In the post-fight interview McGregor said:


After this fight, McGregor defeated Lightweight Championship Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 to become the first person to hold two championships from two weight-classes at the same time.

In 2017, McGregor fought boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a boxing match dubbed “The Money Fight” and “The Biggest Fight in Combat Sports History”.

16.Anthony Johnson – 13 Seconds at UFC Fight Night 10

Opponent: Chad Reiner
Year: 2007

At UFC Fight Night 10 (also known as UFC Fight Night: Stout vs. Fisher), Anthony “Rumble” Johnson took out Chad Reiner in just 13 seconds. The match was in Preliminary card of the event.

This is the first fight for Anthony Johnson in UFC. He went on to build a successful UFC career and by the time of retirement, he was the No.1 ranked light heavyweight fighter.

15.Gary Goodridge – 13 Seconds at UFC 8

Opponent: Paul Herrera
Year: 1996

Next up on the list is Trinidadian-Canadian MMA fighter and Kickboxer “Big Daddy” Gary Goodridge. At UFC 8 event dubbed as David vs. Goliath, Goodridge took out his opponent Paul Herrera in 13 seconds.

Goodridge trapped Herrera’s hands when he was trying to apply fireman’s carry and landed him half a dozen elbows. It is no fluke that Goodridge was able to trap Herrera as he had practiced beforehand on how to counter the move.

14.Anthony Johnson – 13 Seconds at UFC 202

Opponent: Glover Teixeira
Year: 2016

Anthony Johnson is making a second appearance in fastest knockouts list. Nearly a decade after his 13 seconds knockout at Fight Night 10, Johnson did the same at UFC 202 but this time it was Glover Teixeira on the receiving end.

Just a few seconds into fighting Johnson delivered a monstrous uppercut which knocked Teixeira out of the cold.

13.Rob Emerson – 12 Seconds at UFC 87

Opponent: Manny Gamburyan
Year: 2008

Rob “The Saint” Emerson flooring of Manny Gamburyan is next on the list. In 2008 at UFC 87: Seek and Destroy, in a lightweight bout Emerson beat Gamburyan in 12 seconds.

After this fight, Emerson went on to fight in other major MMA promotions like Bellator MMA and ACB (now ACA).

12.Johny Hendricks – 12 Seconds at UFC 141

Opponent: Jon Fitch
Year: 2011

Jon Fitch tried to land some punches but failed to get a clear shot. Then he backed off with both hands down, seizing the opportunity Johny Hendricks connected a huge lead left hook. Steve Mazzagatti immediately dived in to stop the fight.

This 12 seconds knockout by Hendricks is considered to be one of the biggest upsets of 2011. Hendricks career is not that great after this fight. He lost 7 of his last 13 fights before retiring in 2018. While Fitch recovered from the disastrous loss who has an MMA win-loss record of 31-7.

11.B.J. Penn – 11 Seconds at UFC 34

Opponent: Caol Uno
Year: 2001

In this lightweight bout, Caol Uno tried to finish the fight right away with a flying kick. But it was him who got knocked out in 11 seconds. Seconds after the missed flying kick B.J. Penn rammed Uno with series of punches against the cage.

Dana White credited B.J. Penn for bringing lightweight division into the mainstream. While Caol Uno is considered to be a pioneer in the lightweight division.

10.Mark Weir – 10 Seconds at UFC 38

Opponent: Eugene Jackson
Year: 2002

Mark Weir entered this fight with 8 wins in his last 8 fights. Right off the bout Weir tried crescent kick and caught Jackson in an unbalanced state. Then he followed up with a punch on the chin and it was all over.

Weir’s overall MMA career is a mixed bag. His MMA record stands at 21-18-1.

9.Gray Maynard – 9 Seconds at UFC Fight Night 11

Opponent: Joe Veres
Year: 2007

All previous knockouts are nothing when compared to Gray Maynard’s impressive 9 seconds knockout at UFC Fight Night 11 (also knock as UFC Fight Night: Thomas vs. Florian).

There is not much to discuss in this fight. Maynard touch gloves with Joe Veres and a huge left hook. That is it, the fight is over.

After this fight, Maynard went on to win next 7 fights and all of them with Decision.

8.Makwan Amirkhani – 8 Seconds at UFC on FOX 14

Opponent: Andy Ogle
Year: 2015

In UFC history a total of 7 fights ended in 7 or 8 seconds via a knockout. Let’s start with Makwan Amirkhani’s 8 seconds knockout at UFC on FOX 14.

Amirkhani starts the fight with a huge flying keen. This led to Andy Ogle losing his consciousness, just to make sure, Amirkhani landed few more punches against the cage before referee Kevin Sataki intervened to stop the fight.

Amirkhani, former Mr. Finland, is now popular for this quick knockout.

7.Leon Edwards – 8 Seconds at UFC Fight Night 64

Opponent: Seth Baczynski
Year: 2015

In his debut fight, a few left hands and 8 seconds is all it took for English fighter Leon Edwards to beat his opponent Seth Baczynski.

It was a welterweight bout and was held at UFC Fight Night 64 (UFC Fight Night: Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop 2) preliminary card.

6.Don Frye – 8 Seconds at UFC 8

Opponent: Thomas Ramirez
Year: 1996

Another fight from UFC 8: David vs. Goliath made it into the quickest UFC knockouts list. This time it is Don Frye 8 second knockout. It is Frye’s debut fight and he made his mark by knocking out the 410lbs (186kg) Thomas Ramirez.

This and some other fights in the UFC 8 are so mismatched that it got UFC into many legal troubles for years to come.

5.James Irvin – 8 Seconds at UFC Fight Night 13

Opponent: Houston Alexander
Year: 2008

Next up is James Irvin lighting knockout at UFC Fight Night 13. Both Irvin and Houston Alexander touched gloves and went straight into offensive. But the difference is Alexander tried to strike with a half-hearted punch while Irvin welcomed him with a monstrous Superman punch.

Alexander disputed the fact that he got knocked out. Even though he recovered soon, one cannot rule how many punches Irvin would have delivered if the referee had not stopped the fight.

4.Todd Duffee – 7 Seconds at UFC 102

Opponent: Tim Hague
Year: 2009

A heavyweight clash between Todd Duffee and Tim Hague is next on the list. No one thought this fight will go down in the history as one of the quickest knockouts.

Duffee making his debut did not find a Thrashing Machine as his opponent but a sleeping machine in the form of Hague.

3.Ryan Jimmo – 7 Seconds at UFC 149

Opponent: Anthony Perosh
Year: 2012

Previously we have seen how Anthony Perosh knocked out Vinny Magalhaes in 14 seconds. But a year before he got knocked out by Canadian MMA fighter Ryan Jimmo in 7 seconds.

Jimmo is not known for his knockouts but in this fight, it seemed like he wanted to make a statement. After touching gloves, he landed Perosh with a huge right hand to end the fight.

2.Chan Sung Jung – 7 Seconds at UFC 140

Opponent: Mark Hominick
Year: 2011

Before the fight “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung said that he is a better striker than Mark Hominick. And, he made sure that it is true by knocking out Mark Hominick in an impressive 7 seconds.

Hominick started the fight with a left hook and Zombie responded with a straight right. After the right hand an unbalanced Hominick fell down and Zombie capitalized the moment with the rapid-fire combination.

1.Duane Ludwig – 6 Seconds at UFC Fight Night 3

Opponent: Jonathan Goulet
Year: 2006

At top of the fastest knockouts list is Duane Ludwig’s 6 seconds knockout at UFC Fight Night 3.
The fight ended so quickly that you would have missed it if you had blinked. Even the timekeeper failed to capture the correct time.

It is not officially recognized by Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) and at that time not much attention given to it. A few years later this fight once again came into the picture after Todd Duffee took out Tim Hague in 7 seconds.

In 2011, after several online campaigns, Dana White recognized Duane Ludwig’s fastest knockout. It should be noted that NSAC is not recognizing it yet.


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