Is PES going to eclipse FIFA for the first time in the soccer-gaming industry over a rivalry of 25 years?


While both gaming rivals traveled an extra mile every year to overtake the other, this year it was PES who launched its first killer blow to the leader in the industry. Since EA Sports’ partnership with the Italian champions came to an end on June 30, Juventus secured a new deal with gaming rivals Konami. It has led to fans questioning if Cristiano Ronaldo (who has been the cover star for the last two editions of FIFA) will be available or not in the latest edition. And from EA’s side, FIFA will have its surprise element in the name of Volta, including a five-a-side game. Whereas Juventus’ original black and white colour pattern will only be available in eFootball PES 2020. With this addition and the PES 2020 holding rights to Messi and Barcelona, FIFA 20 vs PES 2020 rivalry is set for a whole new level of gaming expertise. And this year, there can be a new champion in the sports-games segment, considering the distinctive approaches from both the parties towards the gaming generation.

A Quick Comparison between PES 2020 VS FIFA 20

   Striking features           PES 2020           FIFA 20
Licenses                   4.2                 4.8
Controls                    4                 4.7
Game Modes                    4                 4.6
Online Server                   3.7                 4.5
Player Graphics                   3.8                 4.3
Environmental Graphics                   4.5                  3
Gameplay                   4.2                 3.5
Offline Mode                   4.7                 3.5

The table compares some of the cutting edge features that both the gaming franchises have managed to exhibit in the virtual gaming competition. With updates from both gaming giants on their September release, it is clear that the tabulated information exactly show each aspect of gaming experience based on their ratings, ranging to a maximum of 5 points. It also explains as to how the EA franchise have held on to some of their strong foundations of simplified gaming, whereas Konami have managed to highlight PES in terms of their surreal environmental graphics, smoother gameplay and a much more interesting offline mode compared to the former franchise.

PES 2020 VS FIFA 20

Last year PES had trailed the FIFA franchise quite well, but they lost further ground when FIFA 19 snatched the UEFA Champions League and Europa League titles off the Konami Corporation. But this year here’s to a fresh start, with PES 2020 looking promising with their gameplay whereas EA sports have been struggling throughout the year with FIFA 19. It seems like a mighty opportunity for Pro Evolution Soccer to make a statement and thrash their biggest rival in the gaming industry. Announcing their next version of PES, the publishers and developers have stayed low-key by keeping their cards close to their chest, when it came to releasing information on updates on their upcoming version.

PES 2020

PES 2020 will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC stream on September 10, 2019 in the Americas and Europe and from September 12 in the Asian continent. As expected, the Argentine star player – Lionel Messi will feature on the cover for the Standard edition and the digital exclusive Legend edition will feature Brazilian icon Ronaldinho. Other features of the Legend edition include an exclusive 3D-scanned 2019 version of Ronaldinho and Messi on a 10-match loan for myClub. Renowned as one of football’s most entertaining players, Ronaldinho’s unique style of football is also coming to PES 2020, featuring animation sets that allow players to move like the man himself, using unparalleled technical flair and fluid movement to beat defenders, together with showboat first-touch techniques such as chest and back control.

Advanced Gameplay

Some of the special features that have been announced include new first touch techniques, upgraded trapping mechanics, context-sensitive kick accuracy, improved ball physics as well as new skills & abilities. There are also new ways to defend, including the intentional foul and an adaptive player interaction system that recreates player personalities on the pitch.

Master League

Huge changes are coming to the Master League career mode, headlined by a new interactive dialogue system that puts the reins firmly in the players’ hands in controlling story progression. This enables players to choose responses that suit their personality and create their own personal Master League story. It seems that the cut scenes is the main area of focus for Master League in PES 2020. Ranging from press conferences to training sessions to managerial meetings to team talks, Konami have looked to create that unique experience for each Master League save. One of the most profound cut scenes will be transfer negotiations as you deal with player agents, club managers and of course the players themselves.

EA Sports FIFA 20

The FIFA 20 has a brand new cover star for their Standard edition – Real Madrid’s Eden Hazard. For the Champion’s edition Virgil van Dijk is the cover star for FIFA 20. And the cover star for the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition is Zinedine Zidane. FIFA 20 is expected to feature the UEFA Champions League throughout the game, it will probably be available as an individual game mode in FIFA 20 and will be available under the Play menu. The UCL game mode allows the user to play the actual UEFA Champions League 2019-2020 season starting from the group stages. The league and its related content are also available in the other game modes of FIFA 20 including the Kick Off mode, Career mode and FUT mode.

VOLTA Football

FIFA 20 has a FIFA Street mode called Volta Football. As expected, EA Sports have announced Volta Football for FIFA 20. It’s very much a FIFA Street mode for the game, and lets you play 3v3 Rush (no goalkeepers), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and Professional Futsal. It looks like a really fun game mode and nostalgia is always a winner, in the context of virtual gaming experience.

Authentic Game Flow

The authentic game flow gives AI-controlled players an increased understanding of time, space and position on the pitch, placing more emphasis on user-controlled play as fans had requested earlier, through new Dynamic One-on-Ones, enhanced AI Defending and Natural Player Motion. Since it is built using the game tempo from the world’s best leagues, an overhauled gameflow offers more true-to-life spacing and pace of play, resulting in more one-on-one opportunities putting emphasis on user-controlled decisive moments. A supremacy in the positioning and tackling system creates an environment for AI to better complement the user-controlled player. AI will offer intelligent defensive support while rewarding and advantaging user defending. Complying with the movement and positioning innovations, AI players move in a more natural and composed fashion than ever before, creating realistic football movement for all players on the pitch.

The Survival of the Modest

FIFA has undoubtedly been the most popular game in the past decade, although PES was a dominant force in the soccer video game industry in the mid 2000’s. As FIFA gained more and more licenses and came out with more attractive game modes, PES quickly fell into the shadows, especially after FIFA bought the Champions League and Europa League licenses. PES 2019 has been let down by its servers in online play, and it is something that must improve. PES featured at the 2018 Asian games, and if it is to enhance their ambitions to go big into esports, they must rectify their server problems.

As far as EA Sports are concerned, controversies began when FIFA 13 came out, since then there has been a concerning lack of quality in successive FIFA titles. FIFA 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 all had their problems and EA has touted improvements to each successive game while simultaneously ignoring fan complaints. Konami on the other hand, had some poor PES releases like PES 2014, but since then has quickly made changes to its titles and fixed things fans had asked for. Since both titles will be coming out in September this year, there are some new features coming to PES 2020 and FIFA 20. While both games have their good qualities and a diverse fan base, PES initially seems like it will be the better game this year.


Of course, PES are never going to be able to compete with FIFA in terms of its gameplay, so they have to be smart in how they go about their commercial business. This is why they have gone after the giants of Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus and Bayern Munich, but they need to keep chipping away and attaining more. The ongoing battle between Konami and EA may have just finished with Konami as the winners, they have the official licenses of Italian Serie A and UEFA EURO 2020 added to their long list. The World Cup rights have long been in EA’s hands, but this year Euro 2020 will be in Konami’s corner, with the full tournament being a DLC for PES 2020. Although in terms of UI, game engine and Nintendo Switch compatibility PES 2020 are going to have a tougher fight with FIFA 20.


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