FIFA World Cup Prize Money Since 1982 (Infographic)


In any sporting event, the money involved in it increase together with the increase in popularity of that particular sports and tournament. By that logic, FIFA World Cup is the world’s most popular sporting event. More than 1 billion peoples watched FIFA World Cup 2014 finals between Argentina and Germany. More than 3.4 billion peoples are expected to watch Football World Cup 2018.

It is not a surprise to see FIFA allocation a very large sum as prize money for every World Cup tournament. If we go back in time FIFA paid $20 million as prize money in FIFA World Cup 1982 which was held at Spain. In under 30 years, that money increased to $576 million (2010 South Africa World Cup prize money).

What about FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money?

FIFA announced that for 2018 Russian World Cup total amount of prize money is going to be $791 million. Out of that $400 million will be paid to the teams based on their finishing position and also performance. The rest of the money will be used for things like players preparations and clubs compensation.

The winning team of the FIFA World Cup 2018 will pocket $38 million and the runners-up will get $29 million. The team finishing third place will get $24 million and the team finishing fourth will be paid $22 million. For the teams reaching Quarter-finals and knockout stages will bag $16 million and $12 million respectively. It should be noted that all the teams are guaranteed to get $8 million even if they failed to win a match.

FIFA World Cup Prize Money Since 1982 (Infographic)

It is safe to say that winners of FIFA World Cup will not only earn honor and 18 caret gold trophy but also lots and lots of money.


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