Joseph Diaz vs Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov live stream and Predictions

Diaz vs Rakhimov time, date and venue
Joseph Diaz vs Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov

Boxing is at its peak as many title clashes are scheduled this month. The World Super Middleweight Champion Canelo Alvarez, Heavyweight giants Alexander Povetkin and Dillian Whyte are waiting to dash their fists. On February 13, 2020, Joseph Diaz is defending his world IBF Super Featherweight title against Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov in the 12-round battle. Dazn is the sole holder of the rights to live stream Diaz vs Rakhimov. The Co main event features Patrick Teixeira and Brian Costano where Teixeira will defend WBO Junior Middleweight Title. In this article, visitors will be present with Diaz vs Rakhimov channel, live stream, time, date, Boxing record, undercard, form, highlights, Stats, Preview and Predictions.

How to watch Diaz vs Rakhimov live stream Online – Channel Coverage

The Coverage Channel of Diaz vs Rakhimov is DAZN.

In the United States, Diaz vs Rakhimov will live stream on DAZN app. It costs $19.99 for 1 year in the US.

In the United Kingdom, Dazn global app is the source for live streaming Joseph Diaz vs Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov. It costs £1.99/month in the UK.

The Dazn app is accessible on PC, Apple, Android, Roku, Smart TV, etc.

Diaz vs Rakhimov time and Date

The Start time for Diaz vs Rakhimov is 03:00 AM BST (UK Time) or 10:00 PM ET on the date of 13th February 2021.

The undercard of Diaz vs Rahkimov will start its live stream at 08:00 PM ET or 1:00 PM BST (UK Time)

Where is Diaz vs Rakhimov?

Diaz vs Rakhimov will occur in Fantasy Springs Casino, California, United States.

Diaz vs Rakhimov Undercard

The Fight card holds Patrick Teixeira vs Brian Costano as the co-main event for the WBO Junior Middleweight title which is with Teixeira now.

The other undercard details of Diaz vs Rakhimov are

Super Bantamweight – Ronny Rios vs Oscar Negrete

Middleweight – Jason Quigley vs Shane Mosley Jr.

Diaz vs Rakhimov stats

Joseph JoJo Diaz is waiting to roar in his 33rd fight. Previously, he had 32 fights with only one loss. On witnessing his fights, 15 wins were coming by Knockout and 16 through Decision.

Shavkat Rakhimov called ‘Shere Khan’ will face his 16th opponent Joseph Diaz in the ring in the coming weekend. His Boxing record holds 12 Knockout wins, 3 Decision wins and 0 losses.

Diaz fought in two categories, other than the Super featherweight i.e., he contended in Featherweight also. On the other hand, Rakhimov has only Featherweight records.

Comparing both, Rakhimov is 1.5 inches taller than Daiz and both follow southpaw as a stance. Even Rakhimov is a lead in elevation, Diaz is far more experienced than Rakhimov i.e., nearly 3 years. Also, age-wise, Diaz is 2 years older than Rakhimov.

The American JoJo is ranked 3rd by the Ring and 2nd by Boxrec, also he is the IBF Champion whereas Rakhimov was ranked 1st by IBF and IBO in the Super Featherweight ranking. These are Diaz vs Rakhimov stats.

Diaz Form and Highlights

Winning his last 5 matches, we say Diaz is in intelligent form. His dream to be a World Champion was fulfilled last year’s January by defeating Tevin Farmer through a unanimous Decision. It is not an easy match; Diaz got a very bad cut on his eyelids in the beginning rounds itself. Seeing its seriousness, the referee advised to stop the match, but the iron minded Diaz continued to fight.

Prior to it, Jesus Cuadro got defeated by Diaz through the Majority Decision. Next to it, it was a Knockout win for Diaz against Freddy Fonseca. The American made continuous body and face shots and the opponent’s men threw a towel inside the ring to stop the match.

Before that, Jesus Rojas was distorted with his hands. Other than this, Diaz fall of the ladder only once with Gary Russell Jr. Sadly, Diaz was not able to withstand the speed of Russel and surrendered through a unanimous Decision.

Rakhimov’s Form and Highlights

Rakhimov has the wonderful unbeaten streak from the start of his career. Proving it, His last match was an IBF eliminator and Tajikistani made south African Azinga Fuzile touch the ground two times. Actually, Rakhimov’s forceful punches had saved the day.

Desperately, Rakhimov contended against Emanuel Lopez to win the IBO Super Featherweight title. Also, he retained the same one three times.

Rakhimov rarely finishes through Decision, it was a one with Lopez. The Tajikistani tried to come out as a Knockout winner. But the match ended in a Decision.

Consequently, the same title was defended by him three times by getting over Malcolm Klassen, Malcolm Klassen, Rofhiwa Maemu through the KO. That’s all about Rakhimov’s form.

Diaz vs Rakhimov Prediction

Getting to Diaz vs Rakhimov’s Prediction, Diaz is having huge combating power. Demonstrated in his latest fight, Diaz suffered a huge cut on eyelids. Even though he never wanted to back his legs, he won through a UD. Comparatively, he is the one with less power in his hands as his Knockout percentage is less. Otherwise, he is always good at closing distance and a good starter also. Diaz is the standard fighter, but attacking him with great speed will make him unstable as with Russel.

Rakhimov is the younger one possessing an unbeaten record. Stepping the ring with the huge dream of claiming the world title. The man is highly conscious of landing the punches. In his IBF eliminator, he proved his repelling force. As two mangoes in one stone, Rakhimov is able to defend as well as attack simultaneously. Finally, about Diaz vs Rakhimov Predictions, if Rakhimov was not able to Knock out the Champion in early rounds, Diaz will win via Decision. Arguably, it feels like Diaz will cope with Rakhimov in the tough fight.

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