List of All Sports in 2020 Summer Olympics


Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics, which makes them eligible to hand-pick new sports that they would like to see contested at the game. Tokyo will be organizing the new events which are said to include the baseball and softball and also some of the youth-centric sporting events. Japan is reconstruction National Stadium and revamping several other venues for the Olympic games.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has permitted to add five new sports to the already existing 28 sports of the Olympics. According to the Tokyo proposal of hosting new events, 18 new medal events are included with 9 medals each for men and women will be contested. Check out the table below for Summer Olympics sports list. (via

List of Sports in 2020 Summer Olympics

1AquaticsDiving (8), Swimming (37), Synchronized Swimming (2), Water Polo (2)
5Baseball/Softball*Baseball (1), Softball (1)
6BasketballBasketball (2), 3×3 Basketball (2)
8CanoeingSlalom (4), Sprint (12)
9CyclingBMX Freestyle (2), BMX Racing (2), Mountain Biking (2), Road Cycling (4), Track Cycling (12)
10EquestrianDressage (2), Eventing (2), Jumping (2)
12Field hockey(2)
15GymnasticsArtistic (14), Rhythmic (2), Trampoline (2)
18Karate*Kata (2), Kumite (6)
19Modern Pentathlon(2)
21Rugby sevens(2)
23Shooting (15)(15)
25Sports Climbing*(2)
27Table Tennis(5)
31VolleyballVolleyball (2), Beach Volleyball (2)
33WrestlingFreestyle (12), Greco-Roman (6)

(*) – “Newly added sports in Tokyo Olympics 2020

Newly added sports in 2020 Summer Olympics

With two years until the opening ceremony of 2020 Summer Olympics, it is never too early to discuss the new sports that are added to the 2020 Olympic Games. As a result of the increase in sports, the number of athletes participating and competing against each other has also increased. The following sports are newly added in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics:


Though skateboarding has no world championship event, it is one of the recreational activities that the players are looking forward to. Under the proposal, the International Skateboarding Federation announced on their official website that the appearance of skateboarding the Olympics could change the world. Skateboard is making its Olympic debut in 2020 with two different categories namely, park and street competitions for men and women.

Sports climbing

Sports climbing has already been a part of the Olympics in the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China. The International Federation of Sport climbing members is thankful to the 2020 Tokyo Additional Event Programme Panel to have and organize the Sports climbing as one of the events of the Olympic movement. This sport has three circuits namely; bouldering, lead climbing and speed climbing. With the support of the athletes and National Federation, the sports climbing event is getting its own recognition among players and is reaching great heights.


The opportunity has come for the surfers to ride the wave at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This is one of the youth-centric events which is expected to appeal to a lot of players in the Olympic movement. The sport will include a shortboard for both men and women competition. Scores are awarded based upon the riding skills of the surfers. Surfing is one of the globally fast growing sports, which is added to the Olympic events has pleased the International Surfing Association, who are excited to catch this amazing wave with the conditions highly variable.


The World Karate Federation was delighted to know that Japan’s homegrown combat martial arts will be a part of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Though Judo, Japan’s wrestling style martial arts had entered the Olympic events list in 1964, karate has never been proposed for the Olympic Games. Karate will debut at the 2020 Olympics, which has two disciplines namely; Kumite (sparring) and kata (forms). The event is judged based on the ability to perform the movements of karate by both men and women with respect to their categories.

(IMG: USA Baseball)


The debut year of baseball was in 1992 which was purely played by the men and hence after four years a new version called softball was introduced for the women. The innings count and the playing rules were slightly different than the baseball. However, both the events were removed from the list of Olympic sports in 2012. The sport will make a comeback as the men’s baseball and women’s softball event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


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