Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Live stream, TV Coverage


Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Live stream, Predictions, and Highlights

The most slated fight of the year in boxing history is scheduled to happen on 28th November 2020 at Staples Centre in Los Angeles, California. This fight bears the most important place in the chronicle because the hard-handed Myke Tyson is making the biggest comeback into the ring at his 53rd age after his last fight in 2005. After Tyson announced his comeback tidings on Instagram, there was a lot of bamboozlement among the boxing fans who will be facing him within the ring. The huge hype was created as Tyson posted many training videos repeatedly and it made the fans tempted to know his competitor. In July 2020, American former professional boxer Roy Jones Jr. signed a contract to face Mike Tyson in an eighth-round exhibition fight. This fight goes on this trend because of the return of the legendary undisputed boxer Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Time, Date and Venue

Event: Mike Tyson VS Roy Jones Jr

Tournament: Exhibition Match

Date: 28th November 2020.

Venue: Staples Centre in Los Angeles, California

Time: 11:00 PM ET

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr Promo

How to watch Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr live stream all over the world?

Countries TV Channels Start Time of the Main event
United States FITE 09:00 PM ET
United Kingdom BT Sports box office 02:00 AM BST
Spain Dazn 03:00 AM CEST
Switzerland Dazn 03:00 AM CEST
Italy Dazn 03:00 AM CET
Austria Sky 02:00 PM NZDT
Canada FITE 09:00 PM ET
Germany Sky 03:00 AM CEST
Turkey DMAX 05:00 AM TRT
New Zealand Sky Sport, Sky Sport Now 03:00 PM NZDT
Poland TVP Sport 03:00 AM CEST
Thailand PPTV 09:00 AM ICT
Brazil Dazn 11:00 PM BRT
Australia Main Event 01:00 PM AEDT
Panama RPC -TV 09:00 PM ET
France Dazn 03:00 AM CEST
Japan Dazn 11:00 AM JST
India Sony Six, Sony Ten 11:30 PM IST


Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Triller and Instagram will stream the matches on their official pages and channels.

Viewers can also log on to online streaming platforms like Direct TV, Fubo TV, Sling TV, PS Vue, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, AT &T TV Now and Vidgo.

Mike Tyson Career Highlights

Mike Tyson is one of the privileged boxers in history and has overpowered the ring for so many years as an embryonic Heavyweight Champion. He started his boxing career at the age of 19 and made a series of impregnable fights until his 38th fight at the age of 23. In that year he was in 15 fights and made all the matches with TKO or KO wins. Despite Tyson’s cruelness and barbarity, he was a person who needed very delicate intellectual support in his primitive stage and this was given by his manager Cus D’ Amato and trainer Kevin Rooney. That made Mike a real machine of knockouts.

After 20 months of Tyson’s advent, he faced WBC Champion Trevor Berbick in November 1986, this was called doomsday by the forecasters. Tyson has made an earth-shaking win and became the youngest World Champion in boxing history. But there happened a backstage bicker against Tyson, the famous American trainer Angelo Dundee took berbick in black wear as same as Tyson. The Nevada Athletic Commission has the rules that the opponents have to choose a different color. But this mental attack was baseless and Tyson’s team paid a 5 thousand Dollars fine and came up in the same traditional black Shorts. Tyson defeated him in two rounds and earmarked his victory to Cus D’ Amato, the Iron Mike Tyson era began. After the winning streak, he reserved the WBC Championship in the next 9 fights continuously.

The next fight was with Buster Douglas, which was the shocking 10th round knockout of Mike Tyson, even in the 8th round he made Douglas hit the ground, it was the bell that saved him that time. In the 10th round, Douglas roared and made Tyson drained and tired with the continuous uppercuts and punches. Here, the legend faced the first failure in his career at the age of 23. After the distressing setback, the lion growls again with 8 successive wins until 30 years of age.

Unforgettable Fight of the Tyson was with Evander Holifield, In November 1996, he not only anguished Tyson with continuous uppercut and Punches but also made him fatigued and dejected the legend by the oppressive Knock out in the 11th round. In June 1997, again the rematch between them was arranged, this match got a lot of fame because Mike Tyson bit Holyfield in his ear and spat off the piece of the ear on the ring floor in the 4th round. This fight was called “the Bite Fight” or “the bite of ‘97’” Tyson’s pontifical move was because the match was dominated by Holifield from the beginning but Tyson didn’t want to face another failure. This arrogant behavior of Tyson made him disqualified from the match and Holifield retained the WBA title again.

Overall, Tyson fought 58 matches and in his last 4 matches, he lost three matches by knockout. His last match was with Kevin McBride, Bride redeemed very good uppercuts and punches to Tyson and knocked him out in the 7th round. With that match, Tyson bid an unacceptable goodbye and left the ring. It seems Iron Mike is back in the ring to help the charity at his 54 years of age. After this comeback, there is also a chance for the trademark fight of Mike Tyson VS Evander Holifield 3 in the ring.

Roy Jones Jr. Career Highlights

Roy Jones Jr. is also having the responsive track records of 66 wins and 9 loses, the 47 wins were coming in the way of knockout. He has a huge masterful talent and ingenious behavior both inside and outside the ring. In his lifework, he made indomitable wins in all of his nascence matches from May 1989 to November 1996. In December 1992, he resisted Percy Harris in the ring, this was his first title fight and viewers fussed that Jones was a fresh one and cannot combat Harris because of his great height. But Jones made those fears earthed in just two rounds itself and triumphantly closed the distance with his fastness and strangled the punches. During the last 10 seconds of the 4th round, Jones did an extremely thriving attack mainly using the left hooks to the head and made the final blow, the completely tired Percy fell to the floor, the referee stopped the fight without even counting the regular 10 seconds.

Another prominent knockout win of Jones was with Bryant Brannon in Oct 1996, Bryant commenced the match firmly with a pool of blows over Jones with both hands. But Jones engineered to combat Jones with the well-aimed single strikes and with many side balls to the head, which sent him to the floor. Again, Bryant orchestrated to wake up in 6th count and fought deliberately. In the 2nd round, contrarily they both seemed to be equal and inflicted the equal blows but in half of that round Jones made a left hook in Bryant’s jaw but the strong-hearted woke up again, but by that round itself knocked out him. Bryant was not able to wake up for some time and after this fight, Jones moved to the next division light heavyweight.

In his 34 matches of winning streak, Jones faced his first historic failure with Montell Griffin during May 1997, which was also due to the complete bad luck of Jones. The fight was nearly equal but in the 9th round, Jones struck his opponent while he was kneeled (Knockdown) and it accidentally made him disqualified. To prove his ability to the world, Jones again faced him after 5 months and terrifically knocked out Montell in the first round itself, Montell was shocked and attempted to get up 5 times but he was unable to do so. After that, Jones’ winning streaks continued for nearly 6 years and he was unbeatable and undisputable.

The most spectacular Knockout of Jones was with Virgil Hill, Jones inflict a right hook exactly in the kidney area and Hill fell with unbearable pain and cannot continue the fight. This was also recorded as the Knockout of the year in 1998 with rib breakage for Hill. Also, Jones has made many interesting knockouts in his career, in 2002 against Glen Kelly, Jones kept his hands backside near the ring and made a lightning blow to the head.

After 2004, his winning streaks were disturbed and faced a club of victories and failures. His last fight took place in Feb 2008, against Scott Sigmon and Jones triumphed with a unanimous decision. Now at his 51 years, he is going to face legendary Boxer Mike Tyson in the ring this month-end.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Prediction

As both the Boxers are in the early 50s, the health and fitness of them are tallied. Seeing Mike Tyson’s unbeatable record in his early 20s, everyone facing him will encounter heebie-jeebies. On seeing Tyson’s comeback videos on social media, we are able to see the gigantic figure inflicting superfast punches so hard in his training sessions. Also, Tyson is having a reason for the comeback fight i.e., he is going to raise money for the charity, so it is a good cause. Surely Tyson will be dedicated for this reason and he admits that he is going to do 4 rounds of exhibition fights. We can also witness his rich dedication in his workout session itself, the legend in his peak at this age with the complete fire in the eyes.

By witnessing his fight with Holifield, Tyson is psychologically emotional and we can expect anything can happen inside the ring. Tyson said that he is going to face Jones with forgetting his failures and keeping only his continuous winning streak during his prime time in front of his eyes.

Roy Jones is also not an easy one here, because he is in the field now as his last fight was in February 2018. It will take time to get back in form at Tyson’s side as he retired 15 years from the ring. Jones also completed the last 4 fights with 2 unanimous decisions and 2 Knockouts wins. So really it will be a sinewy match to watch and a lot of 80s fans are also awaiting the fight.


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