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Top 10 Countries With The Hottest Female Football Fans

One thing that makes ‘Football’ all the more exciting is undoubtedly the fans. From time to time players have insisted that they would be nothing without their fans.  And when talking about female fans – the atmosphere in the stands becomes all the more exciting with their electrifying presence – adding glamour to the sport with their customized outfits and most importantly their charismatic beauty.


Mexico’s most popular sport is association football. By 1902 a five-team league emerged with a strong English influence. Now, Mexico is the most successful football nation team at CONCACAF as they own 10 confederation cups. The nation has some of the hottest female fans among football playing nations. The Mexican football fans can compete with any team in the world for the title “the most enthusiastic football fans”.


At no.9 is fans of four-time FIFA World Cup Champions Germany. Apart from world cup German national team has also won three European Championship and also one Federation Cup making it one of the most successful football team in Europe. Germany’s football league Bundesliga is also one of the most popular leagues in the world.

Germany’s fans are so dedicated that their team ends up apologizing to them for poor performance in 2018 World Cup. When it comes to female fans they are just stunning.


Next up on the list is the team that produced “God of Football” Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Even though it is a small country over 240,000 peoples including 56,000 women play some kind of football. Many Sweden female fans are tall, blond, blue-eyed and attractive. Sweden’s hottest female football fans capture the eyes of other nation men and make their female partners jealous.

07. Spain

Football is so popular in Spain that nearly 75% of the peoples watch their favorite teams game whenever possible. Spanish national team is the first European team to win a FIFA World Cup that is held outside of the continent. The league tournament LaLiga is one of the most popular football league tournament in the world. It has several teams with worldwide supporters like Barcelona FC, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid.

Like their teams the female fans of Spain also champions when it comes to beauty and glamour. The female fans never failed to show up in colorful outfits to support their team.


Ever since English sailors bought the football to Chile it is the most popular sports in that nation. Chile’s national football team won the 2015 Copa America cup. The national team is often considered very aggressive. Like their team the female fans are never failed to amaze us. The country has some of the hottest female fans in the world and they are lways rowdy, sizzling, exotic and truly stunning.


The national football team is considered to be the pride of Colombia. The Colombian team is not as popular as thier South African counterparts like Argentina and Brazil yet they went on to win Copa America and in a game, they defeated Argentina by 5-0. The team has the reputation for being the dark horse on the international stage.

Whenever Colombia plays a match hot female fans are the main attraction of the match. The females are always loud and vibrant while cheering for their team.


At number 4 in our hottest female football fans list are fans of Brazil. The national football team is part of Brazil’s identity. Having won the five FIFA Wolrd Cup (most of any teams) they are the most successful national football team of all times.  They are the only team to have played in all the football World Cups. Brazil is also the most successful team in FIFA Confederation Cup with 4 titles.

It is fair to say Brazil’s fans played a very important role in the team’s success. It is impossible to produce players like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Neymar without the support of fans. The female football fans are some of the most active you can find on a football game. The hot female fans of Brazil goes one step by dancing and playing on the stadium


Now we are in top 3 and the gorgeous female football fans of Belgium takes the third spot. Since 19th-century football is played in this European Nation and it is the popular sports in the country. Belgium co-founded international football governing bodies like FIFA and UEFA. Having reached end stages of several UEFA Championship and FIFA World Cup tournaments they can dedicate their achievements to their loyal fans. The Belgium female fan looks very attractive and sexy when they appear in the black and red team uniform.


Argentinian national football team is one of the most successful national teams in the world. A pair of Argentina fans watches the team’s win over Chile. Argentina fans show their support and enjoy the match between Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina at Maracana in Rio de Janeiro. Argentine female fans are the perfect ‘Happy Go Lucky’ ones – always in a festive mood and will make you feel that you are at a carnival. Argentinian national football team is one of the most successful national teams in the world. They have won the most international titles – 19. Argentina also has won the FIFA World Cup twice (1978 and 1986). Their fans and supporters are already favorites amongst others! The huge Argentinian flow in Brazil means not only quantity but also quality.


The nation with a never-say-die and fearless attitude both on and off the field, it is obvious that female fans here are the boldest and beautiful ones. Paraguay’s football fans are not the only ones taking their eyes off the ball to steal a glance at their famous female supporters in the stands. It seems like Larissa Riquelme has a rival. I don’t know the name of this new girl but she also looks cute and sexy. Larissa Riquelme is a Paraguayan model and actress at the city theatre in the Paraguayan capital Asunción. In 2010, Larissa Riquelme became the most famous fan and the most searched person on the internet. She was a Paraguay fan and then quickly becomes one of the hottest fans in the World Cup 2010.


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