There are a few things that are simply intended to be matched together, similar to nutty spread and jam, cheeseburgers and cool brew, spaghetti and meatballs, et cetera. Another match worth specifying is golf and gorgeous ladies.

1. Kathleen Ekey ( 8 November 1986, Cleveland, Ohio, United States )

Kathleen Ekey

This spot was initially going to go to Cristie Kerr (in light of the fact that who dislikes a cougar?), but rather that grin of Kathleen Ekey’s was too sweet to exclude. Ekey may not be a noteworthy star in the circuit, but rather she has the look of a Hollywood whiz. In the wake of completing her university profession at the University of Alabama, Kathleen concentrated on joining the positions of the LPGA Tour.

While she unquestionably needed to crush for quite a long while on littler expert visits, Ekey in the long run met all requirements for a fulltime LPGA Tour card in 2012. Despite the fact that she is as yet sitting tight for her first visit triumph, Ekey has increased huge ubiquity for her dazzling looks.

2. Blair O’Neal (14 May 1981, Macomb, Illinois, United States)

This hot Arizona local first stole our hearts amid her appearance on The Big Break Prince Edward Island, and after that again when she won The Big Break Dominican Republic. Since her “huge break”, Blair O’Neal has set up an expert profession on the Symetra Tour.

Her ravishing looks and golf information have likewise helped her property amusement gigs as a correspondent for the Golf Channel. When she isn’t hitting the fairway or on TV, O’Neal can likewise be found at numerous expert photograph shoots, as she is additionally an expert model. On the off chance that you are as yet sitting tight for your huge break in life to come, should look at photographs of O’Neal while you pander your life way. We get the inclination O’Neal will be among the most sizzling golfers for quite a while.

3. Paige Spiranac (26 March 1993, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, United States)

Go ahead now, did you truly think any other individual would number one of every 2017? No female golfer has ever done what Paige Spiranac is as of now doing. Aside from standing out enough to be noticed, Paige has built up a brand of golf promoting all her own. Indeed, she is one of the numerous female players supported by Callaway, yet she isn’t really a player on any of the significant visits. Rather, Spiranac has turned into the pioneer of the pack with regards to Instagram-well known female golfers.

While numerous ladies attempt to imitate Paige’s prosperity, none has turned into a commonly recognized name like her. She has an incredible swing and a far and away superior swing mentor in Tyler Hall. On the off chance that she can continue crushing, it is just a short time until this Instagram legend turns into a LPGA reality. Paige is useful for ladies’ golf and she gives a positive effect on the up and coming age of golfers. Take after her web-based social networking records to monitor this blonde excellence.

4. Michelle Wie (11 October 1989, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States)

There won’t not be a more popular female golfer than Michelle Wie. She was a wonder that had the capacity and ability to take her to the most elevated of highs in the golf world. Wie’s aptitude level was so apparent right off the bat that she could turn expert at 16 years old and got some enormous dollar underwriting bargains inside hours of turning into an expert.

Presently at age 27, Wie is as yet developing as a player and she hopes to keep expanding on her triumphs. One thing is for sure however, she keeps on getting more appealing with age. Her expansive shoulders and long legs are the things Victoria’s Secret models long for. What’s more, that putting style of hers… If you have not seen it, help yourself out and Google it.

5. Lucy Robson ( Surrey, England)

Lucy Robson isn’t a major name in the golf world starting at this moment, however that will change soon if all goes as indicated by her arrangement. Robson is at present a university golfer at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. With the desire of one day fitting the bill for the LPGA Tour, she is working constantly at adjusting her amusement on the course.

One thing Robson does not need to function as hard at is the craft of being super ludicrously gorgeous (in the expressions of Derek Zoolander). She as of now has a devoted online networking following and her photographs are for the most part simple on the eyes. Let us simply trust that Robson keeps on enhancing her amusement so we can watch her contend on Sundays soon.

One thing Robson does not need to function as hard at is the craft of being super ludicrously gorgeous (in the expressions of Derek Zoolander). She as of now has a devoted online networking following and her photographs are for the most part simple on the eyes. Let us simply trust that Robson keeps on enhancing her amusement so we can watch her contend on Sundays soon.

6. Sophie Horn (1 January 1986, United Kingdom )

Sophie Horn has been named the most blazing female golfer on the planet by various productions, so it is difficult to abandon her off of this rundown. Horn won three back to back Norfolk County Championships and brought home the best prize in the Under-21 competition went she was only 15 years of age. The UK local is planning to end up noticeably the substance of ladies’ golf, and with a body that way, she is well on her way.

7. Holly Sonders (3 March 1987, Marysville, Ohio, United States )

They should change the name of Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive” to “Morning… ” well you get it. In case you’re even somewhat mindful of the Golf Channel’s customizing we’re sure that Holly Sonders is on your radar. One blaze of the tan, since a long time ago legged TV demonstrate host and model’s delightful grin is all it takes to be put under her spell (and that is not an awful thing).

Wellness and sports dependably have been a piece of Sonders’ life and she’s been known to wrench the periodic 260+ yard drive (when was the last time you did that?). In our eyes, she’s the full “golf” bundle. Her current Golf Digest photograph shoot says everything, putting to bed any uncertainty that she’s our number 1 most sultry lady in golf for 2013.

8. Anna Rawson (5 August 1981, Adelaide, Australia )

This Australian magnificence initially came into the golf scene as a university player at the University of Southern California. Following quite a while of crushing, Rawson was at long last ready to break the positions of the LPGA Tour when she met all requirements for a fulltime visit card by means of Q-school in 2008. Rawson’s visit profession was brief, be that as it may, as she lost her visit card before the 2011 season.

All things considered, her normally athletic form and sun-kissed tan skin prompted numerous displaying openings inside the golf business. These days, she is regularly utilizing her stunning hopes to help advance PXG, which is the most unrestrained brand of golf clubs accessible today. Maybe most amazingly, Rawson got a Masters degree in Business at Columbia University in 2015. Looks + brains = add up to bundle.

9. Sharmila Nicollet ( 12 March 1991, Bengaluru,India )

She’s the most youthful Indian-conceived golfer in history to fit the bill for the Ladies’ European Tour. Presently 23, Nicollet has progressed toward becoming fairly a symbol in her country, with appearances in numerous mold and superstar magazines. The Bangalore local has scored 11 proficient wins on the LET and in Women’s Golf Association of India occasions. On her site, Nicollet portrays herself as “a teddy bear in mask with a hard sweet shell” and appreciates chess, horseback riding, and yoga when she needs to loosen up. Pleasant.

10. Maria Verchenova ( 27 March 1986, Moscow, Russia )

Maria Verchenova was conceived in Moscow, Russia. Her date of birth is 27th March, 1986. Maria is, presumably, a standout amongst the most shocking and most smoking gamers of the time. This Russian magnificence performs extremely well in her diversion and looks classy constantly.

11. Bridget Dwyer ( 16 September 1980, Hawaii, United States )

Bridget Dwyer is another incredible female golfer. She was just 13 years of age when she began her vocation. She adores her diversion and stays dynamic constantly. She is the champ of different competitions and strives to keep the chart of her prosperity high.

12. Beatriz Recari ( 21 April 1987, Pamplona, Spain )

The second woman from Spain on this rundown, Recari has earned over $2 million on the LPGA Tour in under five years. The 27-year old from Pamplona has had somewhat of a down year, however managed a couple of visit triumphs in 2013 and in addition a best ten complete in the Evian Championship that year. Recari has won both a Spanish and a French Amateur Championship, has still managed an account about $170,000 this year regardless of not breaking the best ten. Lamentably, Recari is apparently dating her caddie. (What a platitude.)

13. Sandra Gal (9 May 1985, Düsseldorf, Germany)

14. Sara Brown (25 November 1985, Tucson, Arizona, United States)

You may have seen Brown in 2010 “The Golf Channel’s Big Break in 2010.” The 28-year old young lady adjacent cutie hasn’t had the best of seasons, indenting her lone best ten complete on the Symetra Tour back in February at the Visit Mesa Gateway Classic, which was her first occasion of 2014. The Michigan State graduate is endeavoring to expand on her one profession visit triumph from in 2012. Darker says she adores working out, watching films, and taking photographs.

15. Meghan Hardin (21 July 1992, California, United States)

Hardin isn’t an outstanding golfer, however she contended on the unscripted television arrangement Big Break Atlantis and Big Break NFL. She was really the most youthful contender on the arrangement at only 19 years of age. Meghan was the principal young lady to influence her secondary school men’s golf to group. She progressed toward becoming skipper of that group and of the cheerleading group in the meantime. Hardin has played on the Cactus Tour and the LPGA Symetra Tour and has had sponsorships with Ralph Lauren and Tiffany Sunglasses. She was the 2014 Calendar Girl for Wilson and furthermore fills in as a real estate broker in Lake Arrowhead, California.

16. Elise Lobb

In the wake of influencing her secondary school varsity to golf group as a 6th grader, Elise Lobb appeared to be well on her approach to golf significance. In any case, it worked out that playing golf isn’t something she wants as much as being a games telecaster seemed to be. Along these lines, despite the fact that she doesn’t have any enthusiasm on joining an expert visit soon, Lobb still looks like a golfer on her web-based social networking accounts.

Lobb is at present a co-have on Fox Sports indicate “Swing Clinic” and has gathered more than 270,000 Instagram devotees. All things considered, she unmistakably has ability and a superior golf swing than 99% of the general population perusing this article. With her knockout looks and comforting grin, obviously Lobb will be around the diversion for a long time to come. She additionally has an able last name for a golfer.

17. Belén Mozo (25 September 1988, Cádiz, Spain)

It has just been a remarkable year for Spanish golfers, given Sergio García’s unfathomable execution in winning the 2017 Masters. In spite of the fact that Sergio might be the fan most loved in Spain, Belén Mozo is the person who holds the way to numerous golf fans’ hearts.

What at first emerges about Mozo in contrast with her LPGA partners is her level of wellness. She is renowned for being a rec center rodent, utilizing her solid muscles to pound the golf ball down the fairway. Mozo postured bare on ESPN’s The Body Issue amid her youngster season, demonstrating that she is likewise not bashful about flaunting her very much conditioned body. Playing in her seventh LPGA Tour season, she may never achieve García’s level of popularity, however Mozo will dependably be a fan top choice.

18. Paula Creamer (5 August 1986, Mountain View, California, United States)

Contrasted with some on this rundown, Paula Creamer would be viewed as a whiz golfer. This 30-year-old excellence has been a champion at the LPGA Tour since formally participating in 2005. She has won 12 visit competitions, including the 2010 US Women’s Open. All together, she has counted over $11,000,000 in profession competition rewards, the ninth most astounding aggregate in LPGA history.

In spite of the fact that her execution on the connections blurred in 2016, Creamer’s pure grin and tempting bends keep on making her the fan most loved of numerous LPGA watchers. It would not stun anyone to see Creamer retool her amusement and come back to the LPGA leaderboards soon. She likewise gives off an impression of being one of the most delightful ladies in golf, along these lines making her the overall bundle: gifted, provocative, and effective.

19.Lexi Thompson (10 February 1995, Coral Springs, Florida, United States)

Lexi Thompson is the genuine article. This 22-year-old has been on the golf radar for a considerable length of time when she turned into the most youthful golfer ever to fit the bill for the US Women’s Open (she was just 12 years of age at that point!). She has effectively won a noteworthy and ought to have included another this year had she not been surveyed a faulty four-stroke punishment on the last round.

The way that she is that great at golf is hot all by itself, yet it doesn’t hurt that Thompson likewise has the body of a supermodel. Her two-piece photograph shoots look like something out of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Be that as it may, regardless of whether she is wearing a two-piece or wearing her Puma golf outfit, it is unquestionable that she is a standout amongst the most alluring ladies in golf at the present time.

20. Natalie Gulbis (7 January 1983, Sacramento, California, United States)

Request that the normal man name a LPGA Tour player and the most widely recognized reaction you will get is “Natalie Gulbis”. She isn’t just staggeringly simple on the eyes, she is additionally an exceptionally fruitful player and is one of the longest tenured cuties on visit at the present time (she participated in 2002). In spite of the fact that her amusement isn’t as solid as it used to be, Gulbis is as yet a most loved to make the cut in almost every competition she plays in.

Gulbis has since quite a while ago utilized her hopes to pick up prevalence regarding promoting herself and picking up supports. She was well known for discharging a schedule that included her in both golf apparatus and two-piece clad stances. The LPGA Tour prohibited it from being sold at occasions since it was thought about excessively scandalous. Plainly, Gulbis is simply excessively hot, and she knows it.


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