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Quickest Knockouts List In UFC


Fastest Knockouts in UFC history

The fastest Knockouts in UFC history, we can say this as the Knockouts done before a minute. Here in this blog, we have listed the top 15 fastest Knockouts in UFC history. Among the various ways of finishing the UFC fights, Knockouts play a very important role, because Knockout finishes will gain a heroic sensation to the fighters. The Fighter’s way of striking turns into a Knockout. The types of Knockouts are Technical KO and KO. The Difference between KO and TKO is explained below.

What is the difference between KO and TKO in UFC?

There is a huge difference between TKO and KO, Technical Knockout is the referee’s decision where he has to watch whether the fighter is actively defending the strikes or else, he should intervene in the fight to stop it.

Here, the referee holds the huge answerability position, saving the fighter is the prime factor, the Referee should consider, also he should not stop the fight when the fighter is able to counter the opponent, so the utmost care and attentiveness is necessary.

The KO is when the fighter is banged with a huge strike and the opponent may touch the ground with falling unconscious for a moment or for a period of time. Explaining in detail, in KO, the fighter will never be able to fight again.

The UFC history clutches a wide range of records with the seconds Knockouts with intriguing facts and findings. Here, we are going to list some of them.

Andrei Arlovski vs Paul Buentello

Time – 15 secs

Date – 30-12-2011

Event – UFC 55

Fight – Andrei Arlovski vs Paul Buentello

Division – Heavyweight

The spectacular Knockout was first aimed by Buentello against the Pitbull ‘Andrei Arlovski’, but the pitbull brilliantly moved the fight towards him by knocking Buentello right in the chin downwardly. Buentello lost his consciousness for a second and fell on the back of the Pitbull. After Buentello fell down, the Pitbull rode over him with continuous strikes and the umpire intervened to stop the match, it was a Knockdown in 15 secs. It is our first Knockout in the list of fastest Knockouts in UFC history.

Jens Pulver vs John Lewis

Time – 15 secs

Date – 17-11-2000

Event – UFC 28

Fight – Jens Pulver vs John Lewis

Division – Lightweight

The game kicked off with full enthusiasm but actually, it was a bad day for Lewis, he got Knocked out in the 15th second of the game. As the game commences, Pulver strikes quickly first which allows Lewis to sustain but the fabulous second strike made Lewis kiss the floor and he pasted to the ground and cannot wake up.

Anthony Hamilton vs Damian Grabowski

Time – 14 secs

Date – 30-07-2016

Event – UFC 201

Fight – Anthony Hamilton vs Damian Grabowski

Division – Heavyweight

Immediately after the game started, Hamilton landed a big hand over Grabowski, it moved him to the corner of the Octagon. There, Hamilton landed the continuous face shots until the opponent was down. The hunger-own Hamilton never left the weaker side and landed some body shots. Later, when he realized that Grabowski can’t wake, he roared inside the octagon and this all happened just in 14 seconds.

Anthony Johnson vs Glover Teixeira

Time – 13 secs

Date – 20-08-2016

Event – UFC 202

Fight – Anthony Johnson vs Glover Teixeira

Division – Light Heavyweight

The 13 seconds Knockout was done by Anthony Johnson, the four division Champion and he is well known for his knockout Skills. The Prominent Knockout of him was against Teixeira in the year 2016, in which the black panther landed his big hand on Teixeira through the wonderful body shot. There was an imminent falling of the opponent and the Rumble continued just 2 shots and discarded him and this was ranked as the 7th Best MMA Knockout of the year. The same 13 seconds Knockout happened another time in his life and that was against Chad Reiner.

Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo

Time – 13 secs

Date – 12-12-2015

Event – UFC 194

Fight – Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo

Division – Featherweight

The Irish Professional mixed martial artist McGregor called the ‘notorious’ is a legendary fighter in UFC and his 13 seconds Knockout completion of Jose Aldo is the 5th ranked Greatest Knockout of all time and 2nd ranked best MMA Knockout of the year 2015. Jose Aldo tried making shots but notorious splendidly defended it and made a counter shot, the leftover shot from Aldo didn’t affect McGregor but the Counter shot awarded a big Knockout victory for Mc Gregor.

Gary Goodridge vs Paul Herrera

Time – 13 secs

Date – 16-08-1996

Event – UFC 8

Fight – Gary Goodridge vs Paul Herrera

Division – N/A

Gary Goodridge who is nicknamed as ‘big daddy’, made his record of 13 seconds Knockout even in his first fight in his MMA history. Knocking out of Herrera was done in different manner, initially, Herrera tried to lift the big daddy to bring him down but that became a blemish on Herrera’s side and Daddy locked his both hands one with inter legs and the other with a hand. Using another hand, he landed continuous strikes with his elbows, Herrera became unconscious.

Johny Hendricks vs Jon Fitch

Time – 12 secs

Date – 30-12-2011

Event – UFC 141

Fight – Johny Hendricks vs Jon Fitch

Division – Welterweight

The Big Rigg (Hendricks) is believed to have the gigantic power in his hands with having a wonderful Knockout history. The 12 seconds Knocking out of Jon Fitch is the most remarkable one where Fitch fell like lifeless when Hendricks strikes him in his face. The power of his hands is unbeatable, his single hand made the full man go down.

Rob Emerson vs Manvel Gamburyan

Time – 12 secs

Date – 09-08-2009

Event – UFC 87

Fight – Rob Emerson vs Manvel Gamburyan

Division – Lightweight

Rob Emerson who is known as the Saint has played in the categories in UFC. The event of UFC 87 is the most important one in his career as he Knocked out Manvel Gamburyan with his huge left hand over the face of Gamburyan. The powerful shot from Gamburyanin which the saint escaped and this made the former to fall down. The Saint used this opportunity well to Knockdown him in just 12 seconds.

B.J. Penn vs Caol Uno

Time – 11 secs

Date – 02-11-2001

Event – UFC 34

Fight – B.J. Penn vs Caol Uno

Division – Lightweight

B.J. Penn hosted the 28th ranked the greatest Knockout of all time against Caol Uno in the 11th minute. Immediately after the bout started, Caol Uno flew over the Octagon and landed a leg kick over Penn but it was missed. But this missed kick became the seed for the quick Knockout of Uno by Penn. Penn was furious with the Uno’s sudden attack and cornered the former in the Octagon and attacked with continuous face shots.

Jairzinho Rozenstruik vs Allen Crowder

Time – 09 secs

Date – 22-06-2019

Event – UFC Fight Night: Moicano vs. The Korean Zombie

Fight – Jairzinho Rozenstruik vs Allen Crowder

Division – Heavyweight

The Pretty boy (Allen Crowder) and the Bigi boy (Jairzinho Rozenstruik) clashed each other last July and it is the very recent quick Knockout held in UFC history in 9 seconds. Rozenstruik is unbeatable in his professional record with only one defeat against Francis Ngunnou. It is a wonderful 9 seconds Knock out from the side of Bigi boy made continuous punches over his body and Knocked him out. But his defeat against Francis Ngunnou is also memorable as the former was defeated in the 20th-second Knockout.

James Irvin vs Houston Alexander

Time – 08 secs

Date – 02-04-2008

Event – UFC Fight Night: Florian vs. Lauzon or UFC Fight Night 13

Fight – James Irvin vs Houston Alexander

Division – Light Heavyweight

The Knockout of the Night of the UFC Fight Night 13 event is the major 8 seconds Knockout. The Sandman, James Irvin has done it. The game started with great expectations but that didn’t go down, as James Irvin successfully defended the strike from Alexander and wisely used the situation to convert the Punch into the Knockdown hit. It was the referee who saved the assassin that day.

Don Frye vs Thomas Ramirez

Time – 08 secs

Date – 16-02-1996

Event – UFC 8

Fight – Don Frye vs Thomas Ramirez

Division – N/A

This was the bout with the huge difference in the weight of the fighters, Ramirez is near twice the weight of Frye. Consequently, there was no weight division categorization at that time. But this heavyweight became a very easy competitor for Frye (the Predator), he made him fall down with the huge punch, Ramirez was couldn’t be helped that he was unable to wake up and was motionless for some time. It was a Knockout just in 8 secs.

Chan Sung Jung vs Mark Hominick

Time – 07 secs

Date – 10-12-2011

Event – UFC 140

Fight – Chan Sung Jung vs Mark Hominick

Division – Featherweight

The Korean Zombie (Chan Sung Jung) is a very well-known personality inside the octagon. One of the massive Knockout of the Machine, Mark Hominick in 7 secs may be the best reason for his fame till now. Immediately after this mesmerizing Knockout, he made another impressive victory against Poirier. Initially, Hominick tried attacking the Korean Zombie, Zombie attacked with a jab, but he escaped from the attack and immediately knocked out the Hominick.

Duane Ludwig vs Jonathan Goulet

Time – 06 secs

Date – 16-01-2006

Event – UFC Ultimate Fight Night 3

Fight – Duane Ludwig vs Jonathan Goulet

Division – Welterweight

The Unbelievable Knockout from the side of Duane Ludwig, which happened just in 6 secs, it was too tough for the judges to calculate the exact time. It is also the fastest Knockout in UFC. In 2006, it was a UFC Fight Night 3, the Bang made history. The big bang from the bang was the one which was remarkable till now. It instigates Goulet to fall down immediately and feel like never wanted to fight again and it was recognized as the fastest Knockout until 2019.

Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren

Time – 05 secs

Date – 16-01-2006

Event – UFC Ultimate Fight Night 3

Fight –Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren

Division – Welterweight

The fastest Knockout of UFC history i.e., in 5 seconds just happened in 2019. It has happened because of Jorge Masvidal. It was the Best MMA Knockout of the year 2019 and the 8th Greatest Knockout of All time. He got Duane Ludwig’s record with his 5th-second Knockout. The Gamebred flew over the Octagon and landed his Knee over Ben Askren’s shoulder, it was an immediate Knockout and the Askeren was in the pathetic condition of not awakening for some time. This is the fastest Knockout in UFC history.

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